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"Rememeber one thing that chances are meant to be grabbed those who lose their chance and then believe that If god would give one more chace then they would succed, but I want to break this to them that this doesn't happen, God gives you chance and if you don't grab it then its just your bad luck and the opportunity goes out, that's what happened when my VMware exams were taking place, I had certpaper knowledge but I still dint hire and hence failed, opportunity of clearing my exams went begging Johan Kosh"

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"HAHA don't worry this is not going to be some cheap letter to my girlfriend but by darling I mean this amazing Egyptian beauty cert paper, you are the best there has been and well I don't mind betting my whole life on it that you are the best that will ever be there, Talking about skills, you don't teach skills, skills want you to teach them, talking about intelligence if Einstein was today present he would have taken your assistance too, talking about results? I PASSED MY PMI-002 exam just because of you! Talking about appreciation? Well I just love it! Kate Vince"